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Simple, Secure Connectivity and Access for Home-based Remote Workers  

Covid-19 has become the catalyst for creating permanent change in home-based remote work. To support these workers, there is the need for a simple yet robust supporting technology infrastructure. Businesses need to ask themselves the hard questions:

    • How do we get business applications and data into the hands of the people that need them?
    • How do we scale our remote solutions?
    • Can our existing VPN solution support this remote workforce securely?
    • How do we protect business communications and data when many are working outside the safety of our network firewall?
    • How do we manage this distributed workforce model?

In this white paper you will learn about a simple and secure technology infrastructure for home-based remote workers that addresses these issues and offers:

    • Simple setup, configuration, and management
    • Enterprise-grade connectivity
    • Full-stack security
    • Flexibility and scalability

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